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About Manaer oasis

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I had a lot of great high-level experience before I hit my 30’s. I had proven my individual abilities, and within the span of two years, went from Manager to Vice President. In that time, I had the privilege of leading teams in high-growth, fast-paced environments. It was the most challenging and rewarding experience I have had in the business world. While being a leader in the organization was a nice confidence boost, I had major cases of imposter syndrome.

There were no training wheels, and there was little guidance. Imagine trying to set up 1-on-1’s, lead weekly team meetings, or provide team members with actionable feedback without knowing how. Every day was 100% trial and error. This was not the best solution for me, the team, or the organization.

I was hungry to learn and get better, so I started researching and found a lack of resources that provided real-world advice.

Therein lies the purpose behind Manager Oasis.

Manager Oasis is not your executive coach or professor. We are professionals that have tried, failed, and succeeded. And it was not always in that order.

Manager Oasis is for the professional development of leaders and aspiring leaders. We enable collaboration for those working to get to the next level of their career or for those simply trying to better themselves. We strive to provide actionable insights and tacit managerial knowledge. Bring your managerial problems and concerns. Let’s work through them together in real-time.


Ability to understand why we are the way we are enables authentic communication and leadership.


Moral, mental, and physical strength to resist opposition, face danger and endure hardship.


Personally, accepting the consequences for decisions and actions; coaching right decisions of subordinates.


Leaders take care of their subordinates before themselves.


Maintaining and improving skills to support the team; commitment to growing toward a standard of excellence second to none.

Core Values

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Mission & Vision

Our Mission

Our mission is to create the world’s preeminent leadership development platform for aspiring and first-time leaders.

Our Vision

Our vision is to facilitate an Oasis focused on collaboration and growth.

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