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Do I really want this?

Honest question: Do you really want to be a manager? There are plenty of reasons to become a manager, but have you looked in the

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Managing Up

Making Everyone’s Job Easier By: Joe Majewski Managing up is an important topic that we don’t hear enough about.  All new managers/managers in new positions

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Happy 4th of July!

The Fourth of July is a time for both celebration and remembering.  It commemorates the Declaration of Independence from Great Britain and is celebrated with

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Feedback is a Gift

Feedback (praise and constructive criticism) is a gift. It is one of the most important gifts that you can give as a manager (or employee in general)

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Managers Matter

Managers matter. Period. End of statement. Managers are responsible for a range of specified and implied tasks that are critical to the success of an

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Leadership Principles

I was a Marine Corps infantry officer.  I currently work in corporate America.  I have had the honor of serving and leading across multiple professions

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